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Clinical Diagnostics, Industrial
and Laboratory Equipment

Lablads Scientific was established in 2018 and started the same year with its objective of providing life science solutions to research institutes, companies, and schools. Lablads Scientific is a distributor of Clinical diagnostics, Industrial, and Laboratory Solutions which includes glassware, reagents, instruments, equipment, and consumables in Zimbabwe and Zambia. Lablads has a qualified and highly innovative team with the skills and motivation to exceed client expectations.

Realible Partner

Partners in Science

We believe in the importance of having trusting relationships with our customers. Having the best in service, reliability, quality and open dialogue with our partners in science have been key factors to the success at Lablads. We consistently act in a customer-oriented manner and offer a range of products which are tailored to our customer’s needs.

Best Service

Customer Focus

Having an open dialogue with our customers means we are able to adjust to our customer’s needs. We are therefore able to look outside our product portfolio for any requirements that a customer approaches us with and we will endeavour to try and work towards a solution for them.

Lablads Divisions

  • Lablads Research
  • Innovation And Development Services

  • Lablads Education
  • Education Solutions

  • Lablads Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Solutions

  • Lablads Consultancy
  • Consultancy Solutions

    Supply Experience and Expertise

    Lablads Scientific provides innovative, quality scientific research equipment for your Lab from top-tier suppliers, including RADWAG, HAIER, ADWA, BIOLAB, EINS-SCI, PROSPEC, PRESTO, ATAGO, HORIBA, HACH, BIOSAN, MECMESIN, LABLADS, NATEK, BIORON, and CANVAX

  • Equipment
  • Baths, Cold Storage, Centrifuges, Furnaces, Hot Plates, Incubators, Mixers, Ovens, Refrigerators, Shakers, Water Purity Systems And More

  • Instruments
  • Balances, Electrophoresis Systems, Evaporators, Gel Imagers, Liquid Handlers, Lyophilizers, Microplate Readers, Thermal Cyclers, Spectrophotometers And More

  • Glassware and Plasticware
  • Beakers, Conical Flasks, Volumetric Flasks, Pipettes, Burettes, Reagent Bottles And More

  • Chemicals and Reagents
  • Dyes and Stains and Indicators, Bench Reagents, Buffers, Cleaning and Surfactants, Derivatizing Reagents, Flavours and Fragrances and more

  • Supplies
  • Biohazard Bags, Buffers, Gel Stains, Gloves, Microplates, Purification Kits, Tubes, Water Cartridges And More

    Who we are

    We are a supplier of Clinical Diagnostics, Industrial and Laboratory Equipment to research institutes, companies and schools in Zambia and Zimbabwe


    17 Anzac Drive
    Meyrick Park

  • +263 8644 282 768
  • Zambia

    17 Manda Hill Road
    Olympia Park

  • +260 773 797724