Lablads Education

Quality education

LABLADS Education is designed to promote and enhance the development of sustainable quality inclusive education. Quality education enables people to develop all their attributes and skills to achieve their full potentials as human beings and members of society.

Our understanding is that children with disabilities, those from minority groups, those living in poor and remote areas and the girl child are often the most affected in terms of accessing quality education. As a result their participation in science related programs and careers have been deeply affected.

There is therefore, need for concerted effort to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promotion of lifelong learning opportunities for all. Our expert team is ready to help learning institutions, teachers and students in achieving quality STEM education in their localities.

LABLADS Education is by and large set to contribute to sustainable development goals by offering sustainable facilities that ensures quality education for all. We stand to collaborate and support the education system by providing

  • Access to Quality Inclusive Education
  • Teaching and Learning Models
  • Teaching and Learning Facilities (thus circumstances or equipment)
  • Teaching and Learning Strategies (thus way/skill of planning and managing)
  • Out of school STEM Learning programs
  • Adaptive and physical learning
  • STEM Learning facilities for children with special needs
  • STEM Learning skill training and development
  • Criticized learner centered teaching and learning

Who we are

We are a supplier of Clinical Diagnostics, Industrial and Laboratory Equipment to research institutes, companies and schools in Zambia and Zimbabwe


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