LABLADS Research, Innovation And Development Services

Transforming the way companies manufacture

LABLADS Research and Development believes that Industrial Revolution is transforming the way companies manufacture, improve and distribute their products. Worldwide companies are now integrating technologies into their production systems both in life sciences and education.

These include ‘Internet of Things’ (IOT), ‘Artificial Intelligence’ (AI) and machine learning. These new production systems are fully equipped with advanced sensors, actuators, embedded software and robotic systems to collect and analyses data for better decision making, maximum production and optimum learning. 

Such technology leads to high productivity and new levels of efficiencies and responsiveness by customers that can be attained as a result of increased automation, predictive maintenance and self-optimization of process improvements.

The Research and Development department is set to innovate and introduce new products and services to meet customer expectations. The department specializes research in:

  • Medical, Industrial and Educational integration and advancement
  • Laboratory equipment Demand and Supply chain
  • Internet connectivity and networking
  • Sensing technology
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Biomedical and Biotechnological advancements
  • Integration of Medical and Clinical concepts into Education and Industry
  • Agricultural modernization
  • Bio-waste Management
  • Modern STEM teaching and learning strategies
  • Laboratory instrumentation, adaptations and modifications

Who we are

We are a supplier of Clinical Diagnostics, Industrial and Laboratory Equipment to research institutes, companies and schools in Zambia and Zimbabwe


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