Lablads Consultancy

First-rate business consulting

As LABLADS Consultancy we provide expert support to Biotechnology organizations and Educational institutions of all sizes, as from start-ups to established ones. Clients would benefit from expertise that spans the spectrum of education and life sciences and permeates deeper into each specialism, coupled with first-rate business consulting.

Through Biotechnology consultancy we enhance the generation of a more sustainable agriculture, as well as the production of healthier and more functional foods, so as assist towards cleaner environments. Food safety and public awareness will remain an area of increasing importance. Consultancy services will emphasise the importance of modern biotechnology applications as essential in ensuring the health and well-being of the consumers from field to fork.

Drawing from our extensive experience, we can support projects that are in their initial stages or those currently in process. We help businesses assess and consider concept designs, scale-up and modelling, as well as help advance plans to detailed design, construction and verification.

We can also support biotechnology firms in:

  • 1. Design Capabilities
    • Process Engineering Design from Ideation to Process Modelling and Optimisation
    • Equipment design, specification and integration
    • Control system design & implementation to the latest Good Automated
    • Clean Room and facility integration
    • Cleaning/Sterilisation Systems Design and Specification
  • 2. Integrated Services
    • Specialist Project Management
    • Compliant Construction Management including Construction Design and Management (CDM) services
    • Integrated commissioning and qualification
    • Lifecycle management of high value equipment
    • Process Safety and Biosafety consultancy
  • 3. Facility Support
    • Overall facility integration including process architecture
    • Facility flow, classification, containment and (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning) concepts.
    • Expert design, construction and qualification of clean services including high purity water, steam, air and gas systems
    • Chemical storage, dispensing and handling systems
    • Site utilities
    • Environmental protections systems including gaseous, liquid and solid waste handling and treatment
    • Biowaste handling and treatment

    Who we are

    We are a supplier of Clinical Diagnostics, Industrial and Laboratory Equipment to research institutes, companies and schools in Zambia and Zimbabwe


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