Lablads Manufacturing

Innovations in manufacturing

As LABLADS Manufacturing we stand for customer satisfaction. With ever increasing customer expectations, we stand ready to personalised innovations in the manufacturing value chain, from production operations, products to supplies. Lablads Manufacturing Solutions therefore stand ready to help you develop a continuously evolving and intelligent system that enhances your problem solving capabilities. As LABLADS Manufacturing we offer:

  • Consulting services for automation of Product manufacturing life cycle.
  • Maintenance and Support Services for life science systems
  • Customized product development for production processes
  • Development of customized systems
  • Engineering services outsourcing platforms

Besides providing solutions to the manufacturing companies, Lablads Manufacturing Solutions also is involved in

  • Manufacturing of life science Chemicals
  • Manufacturing of Life science Equipment
  • Manufacturing of Educational Equipment

The aim of our involvement in the manufacturing of life sciences and educational facilities and equipment

  • a) In business is to ensure
    • Efficiency and Simplified Service
    • Maximum Capital Utilization
    • Improved Cash flow
    • Advancement of new product development
    • Increased uptime
    • Highly reliable and accurate results
    • Ease of doing business
  • b) In education is to ensure
    • Directed concept development
    • Ease way of teaching and learning
    • Maximum utilization of resources being time, human and material
    • Highly reliable and accurate outcomes
    • Innovation and creativity

    Who we are

    We are a supplier of Clinical Diagnostics, Industrial and Laboratory Equipment to research institutes, companies and schools in Zambia and Zimbabwe


    17 Anzac Drive
    Meyrick Park

  • +263 8644 282 768
  • Zambia

    17 Manda Hill Road
    Olympia Park

  • +260 773 797724